Service, Maintenance and Support

Ballast water tests should provide reliable results fast. At MicroWISE, we provide this not only through the design of the BallastWISE test instrument but also through our focus on providing customer support throughout your ballast water testing process, including equipment maintenance, speedy technical support, user training and software updates.

Upon purchase of BallastWISE, you receive free warranty repairs, software maintenance and user support for the first year. After this initial warranty period, we offer an annual agreement to provide continual support for your instrument.

This Service, Maintenance and Support agreement gives you access to:

  • Expert software and hardware equipment support whenever you need
  • Software updates reflecting the latest regulations and functionalities
  • Online user certification
  • Annual calibration and factory inspection of your test instrument

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Leverage our team’s expertise

Our customer service team provides timely, expert support guiding users every step of the way. We are ready to answer any questions you might have regarding the software and hardware, as well as help you with any steps of the process you find challenging, for example, assisting you when updating to a new version of the software. Our support extends to all equipment end-users, ensuring your ballast water compliance tests go smoothly.


Stay up to date with new regulations, testing methods and more

We continually improve and update our test instrument based on current regulations. With the Service, Maintenance and Support agreement, you can access all software upgrades and new functionalities.


Keep your users trained and certified with our e-learning courses

New employees can easily be trained and certified in using your BallastWISE ballast water compliance test thanks to MicroWISE’s online portal, where you will find…

  • Training materials to get new users started within minutes, such as videos detailing and demonstrating all steps in the ballast water testing process, from setting it up to running the analysis, as well as videos to train admin users in advanced features
  • User training certificate(s) for your SOP and management system – awarded based on online testing
  • Videos to help you with troubleshooting
  • User manuals, which are kept updated to reflect any changes in functionality


Keep your equipment fit for fight (against invasive species)

As part of the Service, Maintenance and Support agreement, MicroWISE provides an annual calibration and factory inspection, which validates that your test instrument is fully functional and correctly calibrated. While all BallastWISE systems are calibrated before delivery, after extended usage, the systems should be recalibrated to ensure the continued integrity of the measurement data.

What if I can’t take my ballast water testing system out of operation?

We offer a replacement system service for customers who cannot take their system out of operation for the duration of the calibration service. The calibration and factory inspection take approximately five to seven days, including shipping. The cost of all labour and equipment to perform the service, as well as the replacement system, is included in the Service, Maintenance and Support agreement.

What if you’re not covered by the agreement?

Alternatively, purchasing the calibration service as a stand-alone service at our current list prices is possible.