In early 2024, MicroWISE made KC Denmark A/S our official equipment production partner. By leveraging KC’s +35 years of experience in maritime equipment, MicroWISE increases our capacity for expedient delivery of even large orders of BallastWISE test systems and filtration units, as well as adding to our hardware development resources and expertise.

Ballast water compliance testing equipment development cooperation

MicroWISE and KC Denmark, after close collaboration during the development of our BallastWISE Filtration Unit, released in 2021, have announced a new partnership. KC Denmark will be responsible for the assembly and production of MicroWISE’s patented BallastWISE test instruments and filtration units.

KC Denmark is a company specialising in maritime sampling equipment.

“It’s a pleasure to work with MicroWISE, as they have the skills and resources to develop trend-setting technology which is urgently needed on the market due to upcoming legislations. We have experienced this during our cooperation over the past 4 years in the joint development of BallastWISE Inline.” Lars Christensen, KC Denmark

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