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Do I need to pay for the software to be updated?

We provide regular updates to our software over the internet as they become available. These updates are complimentary for the first 12 months after your purchase, as the BallastWISE systems come with a 12-month warranty period. After this, we offer a system maintenance agreement that includes all general software updates and improvements and annual calibration and system service to ensure optimal performance.

Does BallastWISE need to be calibrated?

BallastWISE is calibrated prior to delivery. The parameters that need to be calibrated are the camera focus and the camera exposure, to match the LED light intensity.

We offer an annual Calibration as a part of our maintenance agreement (see the above).

Do I need to replace the measurement chamber after each test?

Due to the risk of cross-sample contamination, we recommend changing the chambers for every live test. In a laboratory or test environment, the chambers can be carefully cleaned to remove any particles or organisms, if so desired.

Is there a test report available on BallastWISE?

Yes. Our systems have been tested extensively both by end-users, accredited laboratories and organizations providing compliance testing. DHI Group (www.dhigroup.com) has prepared several reports on our technology available here, or learn more by getting in touch with us.

Can I install the BallastWISE analysis software on my own hardware?
Although our standard portable product includes all necessary hardware and software, installing the analysis software on in-house hardware is possible. The minimum hardware requirements are currently: 8GB RAM, quad-core CPU (PassMark CPU benchmark > 10,000), hard drive write speed > 120MB/s (PassMark Hard Drive benchmark > 7,000)
Is BallastWISE Type-approved?
Not at the moment. There are currently no existing type approval standards for our type of equipment from any classification society. We are working with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to develop one.
How long does it take to analyze the results?
Approximately 20 minutes
What is the highest sample volume BallastWISE can test?

The sample volumes can be adjusted, and larger samples will take longer time to analyze, and in principle there is no upper limit.

Is a product demonstration or lease for trial available?
Yes. We work with potential users of our systems to accommodate this, and based on the specific project, decide which option works best.
Can the BallastWISE data be integrated with our in-house systems?
Absolutely. The BallastWISE database provides options for data integration of almost any kind. We provide data integration services as part of our implementation services, or as a stand-alone service. Contact us for further details on this.


Is it possible to purchase BallastWISE in my country?

Yes. We sell our products to all countries, subject to local import restrictions, from our headquarters in Denmark.

What is your delivery time?

Our standard delivery time is 2-4 weeks, depending on the number of units and location.