The test setup at NIOZ: here you see the components of BallastWISE Inline exposed in the bare frame of its housing – the BallastWISE Filter unit (left) and test chambers units (middle) are connected with tubes and pumps, while and a computer runs the BallastWISE Analysis Suite (right)

We are excited to announce that Control Union has successfully completed the first independently validated continuous operational tests of BallastWISE Inline: a fixed installation ballast water monitoring platform for shipowners. At the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), BallastWISE Inline was rigorously tested over a 3-week period and operated uninterrupted during the full period, providing autonomous compliance monitoring of both the 10-50 μm and ≥ 50 μm size classes. Learn more about the solution in this article.

Currently in development, BallastWISE Inline integrates all the software and hardware required for continuous, automated ballast water compliance testing onboard your vessel. This enables you to

  • consistently document ballast water compliance
  • report to port state control authorities and other stakeholders
  • build up a valuable audit trail and database over water quality worldwide

all with minimal user interaction.

The components of BallastWISE Inline include: BallastWISE Test Instrument, BallastWISE Inline Analysis Suite, BallastWISE Filter Unit and a housing for integrating all parts of the solution in one sturdy unit for onboard installation and operation.

The goal of our in-line version of BallastWISE is to help ensure vessels can monitor ballast water compliance consistently – and thereby…

  • Continuously validate the operational integrity of the installed ballast water treatment system (BWTS)
  • Minimise operational risk by enabling crew and vessel managers to identify and take appropriate action on non-compliance

“We are working hard to help shipowners achieve accurate and automated ballast water compliance monitoring.  Our inline solution can provide early warnings regarding non-compliance with D-2 standards, for example caused by equipment failure or operator errors. This reduces the risk of a failed D2-compliance test by enabling crew and vessel operators to take corrective action in real-time,” explains Pia Haecky, CEO of MicroWISE.

The development of BallastWISE Inline was supported by the Danish Environmental Technology Development Program (MUDP). We are now entering full-scale testing, final design and preparations for type-approval testing of BallastWISE Inline. More news coming soon on that and other industry solutions for ballast water compliance testing and monitoring. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn to stay tuned.

Nick Blackburn, head of software development at MicroWISE, looks into the BallastWISE Inline setup

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